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      These videos are from a channel I follow, even when the channel is not only about VR the Youtuber is very into VR.

      He claimed he loves his Daydream and he also has some other VR or 360 degrees gadgets which sometimes he reviews.

      Like a week ago he made some videos which I'm attaching here about the New Samsung Gear 360, hopefully someone will find this interesting, I personally loved the one with the drone, even when it's a just a fly by video, was pretty awesome even just in 2D.

      I can recommend you all to subscribe, he also is answering regularly the comments on his videos, so that's a way to interact and ask about whatever the video was.

      Samsung Gear 4k VR 360 Unboxing and Setup/Compare to LG 360 + Video Sample Verizon

      Samsung Gear 360 4k VR Video Sample. Verizon

      Samsung Gear 360 2017 with Phantom 3 4k 360 VR Drone Video Verizon

      After watched it, don't you want a drone and a 360 Camera?
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