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    This is unexpected: Trophies have leaked for a game called NBA 2KVR Experience. The unannounced spin-off which, judging by the gongs, appears to be some kind of basketball-based minigame compilation is news to us; this is the first that we're hearing about the title, which is surely set to release imminently if its trinkets are already in Sony's system.

    We actually quite liked the basketball minigame in 2K Games' other virtual reality release Carnival Games VR, so we reckon that this could prove an entertaining distraction if the price is right. Of course, you could always grab a ball and shoot some hoops for real at your local park but then you'd have to actually go outside.

    Source: NBA 2K Will Surprise Slam Dunk PlayStation VR - Push Square
    11-25-2016 10:49 PM

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