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    Hi everyone,

    Working as an independent developer is quite challenging . I've worked on this Tower Defense VR game in the past year. This is still in development, but I hope it will be up on Steam / Viveport in the next month(s).

    Developed for HTC Vive headset, this fps tower defense brings a medieval fantasy world, in which you have to defend the castle against different creatures (goblins, orcs, trolls, beasts and other creatures). You can defend using different weapons: crossbows, bow and arrow, magic scepters (fire & ice) and swords.

    I would appreciate your feedback!

    Thank you!

    Game's website: https://survivr-game.com
    03-17-2019 03:46 AM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Very cool! Wish I had a Vive or Rift!
    03-17-2019 07:50 PM

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