1. famosorik's Avatar
    Hello folks, I am doing a research on people who could possibly use VR videos of destinations to plan their vacations/trips. Could you please help me by answering this survey?

    1) Just watch the following video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNsYzXDJg_8

    or any video of your choice (must be a travel destination in VR)

    2) respond to this survey: https://goo.gl/forms/YEzjivt2M38Gx6e72
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    04-23-2017 11:54 AM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    04-24-2017 10:36 AM
  3. krisguy's Avatar
    Welcome to VR Heads, first of all!

    I will be more than happy to take a look and do the survey. I think that I'm going to use Google Earth for more of my travel planning from now on, due to my Vive.
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    04-24-2017 12:36 PM
  4. famosorik's Avatar
    Thank you! Would you mind sharing the survey link to your friends/relatives who also uses VR?
    04-25-2017 10:22 AM
  5. Russell Holly's Avatar
    This is a very cool idea, thanks for sharing!
    04-25-2017 03:01 PM
  6. iThunderbirt's Avatar
    Definitely a cool way of using VR!
    04-26-2017 07:10 AM
  7. Firegold21's Avatar
    Very cool idea. I took the survey and enjoyed the video you linked to.
    04-26-2017 06:47 PM
  8. Cale Hunt's Avatar
    Took the survey. Good luck! I've been spending a lot of time in Google Earth lately.
    04-27-2017 08:16 PM
  9. steek's Avatar
    Answered. I can say that my interest in visiting Ireland, Australia and Bavaria has risen considerably afer I've repeatedly relaxed in the Atmosphaeres experiences in those places. Same for some other relaxation apps, Australia especially seems to be featured in so many of them and the beaches are gorgeous.
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    05-03-2017 01:34 PM

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