1. pkcable's Avatar

    I am totally speechless! I literally am at a loss for words! I'm not going to tell you what it's about, it's SO much more powerful if you just see it! Within should be available no matter what platform you are using, it's in the Oculus store, its in the Playstore for both Daydream and cardboard, its in the Apple App store, its in Vive, its basically everywhere!

    Its just a few minutes long but DAMN! I was totally blown away and brought to tears! Yea yea I'm still keeping my man card! See me after and tell me you didn't catch a feeling!
    08-14-2017 09:08 PM
  2. Chemy JMHT's Avatar
    OK, I will need to settle a good time of my laggy Internet to watch this man, nice you share it.
    08-14-2017 10:17 PM

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