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    hello everyone,

    We at studio blackboard have been specializing in 3D animation, visualizing virtual worlds and creating videos on a flat 2D medium for years.
    Recently we discovered the world of VR, we were blown away by the possibility of creating content that surrounds and compels the viewer to experience it in a whole new manner,
    So, we dug a-little deeper, we matched our capabilities to the Unreal engine workflow, created a number of experiences in various environments, and now we’re looking to collaborate with friends, gaming companies and individuals that have the ability to develop and/or code so that together we can create new and exciting experiences in the Virtual realm.

    You’re invited to watch a short showcase illustrating our VR capabilities.

    If like us, you too believe in VR and looking for a partner we’d be happy to hear from you. PM us!
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    10-18-2017 02:55 AM
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    10-18-2017 12:24 PM
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    As @pkcable said, Welcome!

    We love having developers available to show their work in VR. I would like to encourage you to stay around and provide support for your work and insight into VR from your eyes.

    Again, welcome, and thank you for sharing your creation with us!
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    10-19-2017 09:50 AM

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