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what gaming headset to buy? Valve, Rift S, Vive,Vive Pro, Cosmos, or anything else unheard of.

Asked: May 03 2019 | 1:21 pm EDT 545 Views 1 Answers

I'm very new to VR I've only tried it once recently for a couple hours at a arcade where they had the Vive Pro. I was waiting for the Index to be revealed as everyone was thinking it was going to be the next generation but from the reviews and videos I've watched I'm not getting the feeling that it lived up to the hype everyone thought it would. I'm starting to consider the new Rift S basically because of the $700 difference in cost and the videos on Youtube where it is getting good reviews. I know I want a set that works off a PC because of the games I'm wanting to use it for which I will be having the PC built once I figure out what headset to buy.I don't want to spend more if the differences are not huge. I will mostly be looking for this to play 1st person shooter games like the new Population one coming out this year. I'm willing to look at anything but for now these were the ones I was leaning towards. Valve Index, HTC Vive & Pro, Cosmos, Rift S.
Thank You