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    Hello everyone,,
    i have been using my first VR headset for about a month now (index) and I am in love with VR. Two of my friends got VR Headsets as well and we play tons of games together. There is only one thing that I feel is very much missing in terms of games: your typical Wii like minigame party games 100001.onl/ 1921681254.mx/ acc.onl/hotmail. I want stuff like Mario Party, Wii sports etc. I loved those games as a kid and always felt they were propably the best adaption of motion controls back then. While nowadays, the motion controls of vr are certainly good enough to sustain full game experiences (contrary to the Wii in my opinion) I just want some minigames to play with friends. Feel free to tell me about games of that direction that I do not know about, though. (rec room kinda being one, but it just doesnt quite cut it imo).
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    02-06-2020 02:51 AM
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    There are games like this for the Oculus headsets, like the Oculus Quest and Oculus Go.
    02-06-2020 02:07 PM

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