1. antor_thegreat's Avatar
    This is not huge news. Just a niche program i made to work around the fact that no VR players have proper library and shuffle functions.

    I made this program for myself and anyone who wants to randomize (shuffle) VR movies. For compatibility info: I use Oculus go, Skybox Vr, Windows 10, and files on my hard drive streaming through Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Media streaming options. Read the README, otherwise it does not work!

    It's a small program that looks for media files in directories that you choose, then creates symbolic links to random files and puts the links in a folder of your choice. A "shuffle button for VR", which is controlled with your computer though, not the actual headset. It is open source and source code is included if you want to develop it or just verify it's legit.

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    09-22-2019 03:36 AM
  2. ErrMac's Avatar
    It's nice to see that some players are being adapted to VR videos. Although, youtube the main video platform has some issues with it. Basically, Youtube has more issues. It's difficult to become popular here without services where you can buy likes. The platform is overcrowded.
    11-29-2019 04:41 PM