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    Raw Data developer Survios has pulled in over $1 million in sales for its awesome VR action game so far

    Raw Data is one of the best VR games so far, with developer Survios making over $1 million in sales during the first day of its release, making Raw Data the first consumer VR game to reach $1 million sales in a month.

    VR action game Raw Data has made alt= million so far-03_blog_header.jpg

    Survios has said that at least 20% of all HTC Vive owners have purchased the game, a number that includes myself and many of my HTC Vive owning friends, with Raw Data costing $40 on the Steam store. Raw Data became the first-ever VR game to reach the #1 spot on Steam, a massive achievement for Survios.

    Nathan Burba, CEO of Survios, told Fast Company: "We saw a need in the market for a AAA title. It's more expensive than anything for the Vive, and more people wanted that... By putting more money in [and] having a higher price point, we're signaling to users that this is a AAA title". Burba is right in that people who can afford the $799 price for the HTC Vive, and a PC good enough to run it at high detail, will buy AAA games like Raw Data and expect next level gaming.

    The more expensive price for a high quality AAA game in VR will always attract the attention of gamers, something Survios was aiming for when Raw Data went into development. Brian Blau, a media analyst with Gartner, explains: "One of the curious things that happened in the launch of a new platform, like VR, is that the early developer adopters, like Survios and the like, are going to be the early winners. It's great news, making $1 million. Everybody's going to love that. For a new platform, it's a fine showing, and proves the point that the CEO says, that if the quality is good, people will pay for it".

    Burba added that Survios "cracked the code" of making a successful VR game with Raw Data, and that what the developer discovered during the development of the game is already benefitting other games in development - but Survios won't even tease at what they have coming next.

    Source: VR action game Raw Data has made $1 million so far
    09-18-2016 11:59 AM
  2. BioFanatic's Avatar
    This honestly makes me want a Vive even more than I already do.
    09-18-2016 04:44 PM
  3. Chemy JMHT's Avatar
    I think the argument of making it expensive to make the people interested in it is not the best one, the game should be good. But what bothers me is that the game is not oculus rift compatible so far.
    09-18-2016 04:53 PM
  4. Russell Holly's Avatar
    It's such a great game. These folks deserve every penny!
    09-19-2016 10:22 AM
  5. Cale Hunt's Avatar
    This is great to hear. It is one of my favorite games ever and I hope this news inspires other studios to create proper content for VR. Can't wait to see what Survios creates next.
    09-19-2016 05:52 PM
  6. VirtuaTyKing's Avatar
    I'm keen to get this one but because it's still in early access I might wait.
    09-29-2016 07:26 PM
  7. Cale Hunt's Avatar
    I'm keen to get this one but because it's still in early access I might wait.
    I understand the trepidation. I keep going back even though the levels and weapons are limited. Can't wait to see the final version.
    10-11-2016 08:01 PM

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