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    From Edmonton, AB, Canada

    The VOID users report phantom sensations when playing

    I was just browsing Quora and saw a cool answer from Curtis Hickman (CCO/Co-founder at The Void):

    Will full immersion virtual reality induce phantom sensations?

    Curtis Hickman's answer:
    Yes. We see this all the time at The VOID.

    Due to the limitations of our stages, we can't simulate every single sensation one would expect to find in a real environment. So, a select number of stimulus are chosen to augment the virtual world. Your mind does a remarkable job of filling in the blanks.

    For example, I can't tell you how often people mention that their favorite effect was the heat emanating from their torch. Their “torch” was, in reality, just a stick with trackers on it. Nothing more.

    Have you ever experienced any sensations that weren't programmed into the game?
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    I haven't experienced these sensations yet, but I imagine I will when I start to use VR more. Its so interesting how our brain works!
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    I haven't felt that, but I haven't tried the Void, one more reason to do it.

    That's nice info and very possible, I remember the history of a guy who actually believed he was in another place after wearing the ViVE and taking a nap (still with the ViVE on), also the strong sensations we feel while in VR and next generation with all the haptics around will be simply too great.
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    That reminds me of my first time trying Tiltbrush on the Vive. I used the fire brush and felt a phantom sensation of heat when I got close to it.
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