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    Top 3 Reasons 2017 Will Be The Year Of Virtual Reality-top-3-reasons-2017-will-year-virtual-reality.jpg
    Virtual reality will dominate 2017 with its growing popularity and availability to the general public. Credit:Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

    For years, giant tech companies have been on the race for virtual reality. Nowadays, even small tech companies and non-tech companies such as PornHub has seen its potential and wants a piece of the action.

    But what will be in store for us next year? Will this be the end of TVs? Will books be nonexistent? Will physical touch be deemed useless? How will virtual reality affect the tech market of 2017?

    For a book lover, reading books is like traveling the world without having to set a foot outside your house or anywhere you are in particular. Imagine a family or a person using virtual reality to see the world. People can travel without the dangers associated with traveling in real life and all those expenses.

    In a written article at Marketing.Rakuten, virtual reality headsets nowadays are offering a "theatre-like" experience for the public, bringing entertainment to a new platform. It is believed that in 2017 we will see the "VR Marketing Revolution" take place.

    About what kind of revolution it will be, no one can tell exactly. As of now, companies that are studying what other ways can virtual reality be used for and how it will dominate 2017's tech market.

    According to a written article at Network World, there is a list of 40 predictions on how will virtual reality affect the market in 2017 and then on. Here are some of the predictions on how will it make 2017 the start of the "Year of the Virtual Reality":

    A New Game Genre Will Emerge

    Though there have been virtual reality games and simulations in the early years, it was only this year, 2016 that it has become widespread and really available for the general public. This month of November, Google will be launching the first virtual reality that is compatible with mobile phones. The device is called Daydream VR.

    Whether it will be successful or not, it won't matter. This gives current and future companies the idea that it is possible for virtual reality to mix with mobile games. Though it is expected that the Daydream VR won't be able to compete with the gaming experience of game consoles, it will still be a hit and will really push the virtual world tech in the 2017 market.

    Virtual Reality Will Be The New Social Media Platform

    The time where people view social media sites in mobile phones, PCs and laptops will be dead. People will be interacting in virtual reality worlds by 2017. Again, pushing the idea of 2017 being the year of virtual reality.

    TV Shows, Concerts, Sports Games Will Be Held Through VR

    Imagine watching your favorite TV talk show and you're sitting beside the host or the guest star. Imagine also watching a live performance of your favorite artist performing just for you. This kind of entertainment may kill TV, radio and other things, but will definitely prove the range of new entertainment that can be provided by virtual reality. Again, making it possible that 2017 will be the year where virtual reality will dominate.

    Source: Top 3 Reasons 2017 Will Be The Year Of Virtual Reality : Tech : iTech Post
    11-02-2016 10:18 PM
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    I think this is one of the best article to introduce VR to everyone.

    Also the Video shows a lot of devices which are very popular among us (the ones who are always talking about VR) but not so popular in the public.
    11-02-2016 10:19 PM

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