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    I finally assembled a rig capable of VR gaming (Ryzen 2700x, RTX 2080 OC, 16 GB ram), but iam now not so sure if VR is worth it. A few months ago, 2D gaming was a bit dry but now iam preoccupied with Ac odyssey and Just cause 4. For those of you who've used/bought a VR headset (oculus or HTC vive), is it worth it ? I know the sense of immersion would be much higher than a flat monitor, but you also have to deal with sub par graphics ( to maintain 90 fps on both displays) and go through a lot of calibration just to set it up. hotmail.com
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    01-29-2020 05:48 AM
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    I use the standalone Oculus, the Oculus Go. I used to use it a lot but not so much anymore. Perhaps the bubble has burst?
    01-29-2020 07:56 AM
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    03-15-2021 01:54 AM

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