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    CVR 2017 happened in Vancouver last weekend. We at Mana Marketing did a writeup on what went on during Industry Day.

    There were lots of speakers, including speakers from Google, NASA, Microsoft, and more. Quite a few indie games exhibiting at booths too!

    If you wanted a recap, feel free to check out our blog post: https://www.manamark.com/blog/2017/0...reality-games/

    A recap of industry day at Consumer VR 2017-image-uploaded-ios-2-.jpg
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    05-16-2017 05:25 PM
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    05-22-2017 09:21 AM
  3. Firegold21's Avatar
    Nice blog post. Thanks for sharing! Looks like the CVR was a blast to attend.
    05-23-2017 02:45 PM

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