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    From dino-age to scary modern times, this studio isn't slowing down on VR production.

    Jurassic VR, developed by Rabbit Mountain and made its way onto the Google Play and iTunes stores only to find itself with many downloads, and the devs are reconsidering their outlook on virtual reality (VR) titles as a whole.

    All that Jurassic VR started out as was an experimental title, but it seems as though developers Rabbit Mountain had struck gold after reaching so many downloads. Now, following its success, the studio will now be publishing another title while developing it close with Zariba.

    Rabbit Mountain to Focus on Thriller VR Title Following Success of Jurassic VR-screenshot-13-1024x641.png

    The first title that will be produced as a result of this partnership of Rabbit Mountain and Zariba will be “a highly immersive episodic thriller”. Players will need to escape rooms by completing puzzles in order to watch the sinister plot unfold before them. Soon after their initial escape, they will find themselves in an empty mantion with no past memories, resulting in the need to solve more puzzles

    Richard Hazenberg, CEO at Rabbit Mountain explains: “Zariba has such a talented team. They bring both creativity and technical excellence to the table which is essential to build great experiences”. Liubomir Georgiev, CMO at Zariba adds: “Rabbit Mountain has exceptional vision and experience driving us to develop breathtaking VR games together.”

    This new episodic thriller will be making its way to release this year, with both the name and the date to be confirmed this October.

    Source: https://www.vrfocus.com/2016/09/rabb...f-jurassic-vr/
    09-17-2016 12:45 AM
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    12-19-2016 09:29 AM
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    I love thriller games. Horror, not so much, but thriller is fun. I'll definitely check this out if I'm able.

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    12-19-2016 01:17 PM

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