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    I was reading an interesting article about how Qualcomm is doing the new 835 and also how the company joined forces with ODG (Osterhout Design Group) which was a mainly military company which is now doing some very nice AR Glasses for the public, eve when the main article was about Qualcomm, I think most of the info is pretty great about a lot of technologies on VR/AR/MR from a lot of manufacturers.

    Here the link: Qualcomm And ODG: A VR Dark Horse And Its Rider

    This in an actual prototype using a Qualcomm CPU

    I think it's a great article both for the information provide about Qualcomm and ODG and for the link with more information about a wide range of other devices.
    03-07-2017 08:44 PM
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    AR and MR are definitely not the same thing. MR is orders of magnitude more complex than AR. As you describe, AR tends to simply be content overlaid on top of the real world. MR mixes the content with the real world by adding depth and perspective. So virtual objects can be behind real objects, or otherwise interact/integrate the virtual with the real. Or in other words, AR is mostly 2D and MR is fully 3D. And the term "mixed reality" was definitely NOT coined by Microsoft.
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    03-13-2017 03:23 PM

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