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    News: Oculus CEO Resigns From His Position And Wants To Create The Future Of VR-18530078560_4c94855f61_k.jpg

    Brendan Iribe, the CEO and the co-founder of Oculus VR at Facebook, reported earlier today that he resigns from his position for leading the PC VR group. Report was made by Irbe on Oculus official blog.

    Irbe told in his statement that with the alteration of the world they also scale Oculus in an extremely high speed. With the expansion of the Oculus they decide to build brand new PC and also virtual reality smartphone group in order to increase growth of this technology.

    Brendan Iribe will direct the Computer-based VR group with Jon Thomason who will run the mobile VR group. Also they will cooperate Mike Schroepfer who is Chief technology officer at facebook to detect a director for the Oculus.

    Irbe informs about his excitement for the new position telling that they will continue evolving and investigating procedure in various fields like display, audio, graphics to unveil new opportunities and experiences for the VR technologies. These steps will help them to overcome all the difficulties regarding VR.

    At the end of his report Branden added that he is thankful all the people he has worked with and he wants to push the limits of today’s VR. It would be a pleasure to work and produce the future virtual reality added Brendan Iribe.

    There is no certain information about the Rift users number published by Oculus while there are 1 million active users of the Gear VR helmet which has been created due the partnership with Oculus and Samsung.

    Brendan Iribe is a game developer who has joint Oculus back in 2012. He has created the interface of the Civilization IV and other PC games as well. Irbe took the job of Oculus CEO after a Kickstarter campaign for the Oculus Rift VR helmet with Palmer Luckey.

    Source: https://www.vrstatus.com/news/oculus...ure-of-vr.html
    12-14-2016 06:02 PM
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    Well I am glad to see someone with roots to PC Gaming taking full control of that division.
    12-14-2016 06:18 PM

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