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    News: The Game Awards 2016 is Available In VR-image.jpg

    On 1st of December 2016 people will get the chance to watch the most anticipated games award. The Game Awards 2016 will take place in Microsoft Theatre in LA, California.

    The most exciting news is that the game awards ceremony will be live broadcasted through virtual reality platforms. The Game Awards is collaborating with NextVR to make this event available to virtual reality technologies.

    Many leading social networks like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Twich, PlayStation Network, Steam and also Xbox Live channels will be involved in this collaboration.

    In addition, Twitter will broadcast the event with partnership of Tencent which is a major Chinese Internet service portal. Facebook is going to show the ceremony live by making an exclusive shooting from the backstage.

    As reported, DigitalTrends website, which supplies news regarding technology Geoff Keighley the creator of The Game Awards told that this ceremony would involve more audiences than in previous years and also mentioned about the power of game which unites people all over the world.

    People can watch this major game ceremony in VR mode by downloading NextVR application and using VR headsets. Now the Next VR app is available only for Samsung mobile phones, but until December 1st people will be able to watch the game event through all VR headsets.

    In addition to this NextVR which is specialized in live streaming various major events in VR has received $80 million back in August 2016.

    The Game Awards 2016 is going to be the largest and expanded event in the world. People either can watch the event through virtual reality utilizing NextVR app or attend the event personally. The tickets which cost $25-$30 are available to buy here.

    VRStatus is exclusively going to publish all the latest information about the upcoming ceremony, nominees and world debut and presenters.

    Source: https://www.vrstatus.com/news/the-ga...ble-in-vr.html
    11-04-2016 06:48 AM

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