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    News: Disneyland Launches Star Wars VR rides-1-1.jpg
    In Disneyland and Walt Disney Resorts soon will come to the force of new Star Wars-themed lands. VR will help Disneyland to create new games for their visitors.

    Tim Sweeney, the co-founder of Epic Games today has announced that Disney is creating for their park Star Wars VR rides. Details of this project were also announced at GDC 2016 during the Epic Press Conference. Disneyland will create 14-acre immersive environment for their park visitors.The visitors will appear in Star Wars planet. Places and characters familiar for Star Wars fans will create a unique atmosphere and take the visitors to well-known places.

    In Seattle at Steam Dev Days conference, this news was pronounced as well. And this announcement made people think how would be the new version of the classic Star Tours.

    For Star Wars franchise this is just one of the projects connected with VR. After seeing the launch of Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine for HTC, itís time to wait for their new project which is based on upcoming Rague One movie. This will be heading for Playstation VR for Star Wars: Battlefront owners.

    Meanwhile, Industrial Light and Magicís immersive experience division is working on a new movie. In this movie iconic villain, Darth Vader is starring as well.

    Disney is dividing wider and last week they had announced their new partnership with Oculus. They will create new experiences for headsets with Oculus later this year.

    As it was announced Disney was working in VR long time ago. They used to have Aladdin ride bulky headsets to take their visitors on a virtual magic carpet ride. But last year Disneyland closed this attraction.

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    10-18-2016 06:24 PM
  2. iThunderbirt's Avatar
    Well then...I guess I better empty my bucket list to make room for this... lol

    Awesome find! Thank you for sharing.
    10-18-2016 06:32 PM
  3. Penguwin's Avatar
    I'll be interested to see what they actually come up with for these. The creation of a new area inside the theme parks seems awesome... And the rides seem like the next logical progression of those older rides with the movie screen in front of a gimballed platform.

    Thanks for the info / video!
    10-18-2016 07:04 PM
  4. anon(4245403)'s Avatar
    Looks awesome, thanks!
    10-18-2016 09:43 PM
  5. VirtuaTyKing's Avatar
    Your welcome. I want a VR Xwing or Tie fighter game made like yesterday.
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    10-19-2016 02:12 PM
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    I had the chance to go on a VR-coaster this summer in texas. They were using the samsung VR with the S6 Edge. It was cool while it lasted but both times i went on the ride it broke halfway through the experience leaving me with a headset strapped to my head staring at an error screen while going through corkscrews! Hopefully Oculus can provide something that works a little better! :P
    10-19-2016 04:06 PM

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