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    The continued growth of virtual reality requires that AMD, NVIDIA, and other major forces in computing come to the table with significant updates and upgrades centered around the technology. VR isnít commonly consumed yet on a massive scale, but enthusiasts and trailblazers will want to be able to handle the new experiences as they come. AMD shared details with us on the latest Radeon update, 16.12.1, which has gone live and comes packed with a stout set of features including a few focused on VR.


    The update, called Crimson ReLive Edition, was shaped with three pillars in mind: Features, professional grade stability, and performance. The team is coming off of a high point with Crimson Edition receiving a 90% approval rating from users, the highest theyíve ever received. The ReLive feature is the most prominent, obvious by having found its way into the title of this new update. It provides AMD users with a robust and lightweight on-board tool to create PC highlights, a social experience that is growing in importance. At this time it already interacts with multiple platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Panda.TV, Huya, and more. Another significant addition is the dynamic Chill feature that adjusts frame rate performance based on the intensity of the action taking place on screen.

    Underneath all of these things are a couple enhancements to Liquid VR, AMDís collection of features around seamless compatibility and optimization of VR specific experiences. Multi-view and Multi-res rendering both collaborate to reduce excessive and redundant processing to enhance performance. TrueAudio Next provides immersive sound based on real-time physics, and Affinity adds a scalable experience for multiple GPUs by having each GPU focus on a separate lens in VR.

    You can find release notes for the Crimson ReLive Edition here and read up on a few additional updates surrounding HDR gaming, supported cards, fixed/known issues in the update, and more.

    Source: AMD's Crimson ReLive Radeon Update Debuts New VR Enhancements
    12-08-2016 05:27 PM
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    Let see what happen with the new Ryzen CPU and GPU, hopefully both will handle VR pretty well, I think several companies are using this same principle to be able of better experiences.
    12-31-2016 11:12 PM

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