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    NBA Will Broadcast Basketball Games Weekly-jkh.jpg

    Attractive news for basketball and VR lovers, on Oct. 27th they can watch the first VR basketball game in history. NBA has announced about their idea to broadcast a game in VR each week this season.

    NBA’s digital team will broadcast their first game in VR against Sacramento Kings, in a partnership with NextVR. The home openers will be Sacramento Kings.

    The rules to watch the upcoming games in VR are to be full- season subscribed to NBA League Pass then download NextVR app from Google Play on your smartphone. NextVR is a Californian company which specializes in Virtual Reality live broadcast. Basketball lovers who are not subscribed to NBA League Pass, note that the subscription costs $199.99 and it’s accessible online and on TV. For viewers who are already subscribed, there’s no payment addition. To watch the play viewers must have Samsung smartphones with Gear VR headsets. The headset costs $99.

    The president of global media distribution in NBA,Jeff Marsilio was announced that they need to grow bigger commitment to drive the innovation forward. About their partnership terms with NextVR, NBA just said,that they will be partners for more than one year, refusing to go into details.

    NBA digital claims that they are going to broadcast 25 games this season. NBA team will play with 30 different teams at least once. Marsilio announced their decision to present best championships in League Pass. For watching all the videos one should be fully subscribed.

    In response to journalists question, if it is going to be a 3D TV or it will be really VR, Marsilio answered that it’s easier to shoot in VR than 3D. VR is cheaper to produce. He also said that viewers don’t need to spend on $3000 TV to watch the game,they’ll need a smartphone a headset and good connection to WiFi.

    NextVR will put their cameras courtside and even on baskets. There’ll also be great graphics,replays, and announcers, just like in ordinary game broadcasts.

    Source: https://www.vrstatus.com/news/nba-wi...es-weekly.html
    10-22-2016 12:02 PM
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    It's a good thing I didn't spend my normal $150 on NHL.tv this year. Might have to pay for League Pass just for this.

    Looks like you can buy single games this year for 6.99 (blackout restrictions still apply). As long as Denver isn't playing, I'm good.

    Nope, full season only. From the league's press release:
    The weekly games will be available as part of the NBA LEAGUE PASS full season package. Whether purchased through a third party distributor or directly through the NBA, fans will be able to authenticate their accounts by inputting their NBA LEAGUE PASS login credentials (obtained at NBA.com or the NBA App) within NextVR’s app.
    10-23-2016 02:10 PM
  3. VirtuaTyKing's Avatar
    I would love something like this to happen with Football/Soccer. Although it would probably be too expensive for me to begin with.
    10-23-2016 03:20 PM

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