1. motiondave's Avatar
    Hello people, hopefully someone can help , I bought a Lenova Mixed reality headset and have spent the last 10 hours trying to get it past the "updating firmware" screen in mixed reality setup in Windows 10.

    Lets see what Ive tried...

    my pc will run it fine, the only thing I dont have is a bluetooth controller as im only going to use this for race mostly, and maybe some FPS shooters.

    updated ALL drivers and windows updates.

    updated graphics drivers

    changed registry so it actually would allow an update.

    it installed updates in a purple screen, then after a restart, it goes to mixed reality black set up screen and "updating your headset firmware"

    I have left the update for 2 hours with no success. im currently trying and overnight update, so that should allow 8 hours while Im asleep

    I have installed the firmware manually as well.

    Ive tried a CMD commands to allow updates to work and override so I can update windows.

    Ive tried removing several security updates.

    Ive looked at youtube videos and tried several work arounds.

    I dont really want to do new reinstall of win 10, as its only a few weeks old. (i did fresh install before trying to get a DK2 working and that failed)

    theres no anti virus software.

    Im at wits end.

    Anyone got any ideas please?
    11-15-2018 05:35 AM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    You sure your PC is VR compatible?
    11-15-2018 08:38 AM

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