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    This thing you’re looking at is Feelreal Multisensory Mask. It’s compatible with all the popular VR headsets and it adds smell and touch to virtual reality. Yeah, future is here already!

    You will smell VR flowers or gunpowder thanks to it’s reliable scent generator that holds an easily replaceable cartridge, containing 9 individual aroma capsules. You can choose aromas for each game or video from our collection of 255 safe and natural scented liquids.

    With Feelreal Mask you can also feel mist or rain on your cheeks, experience punches and crashes with vibration feature and get real wind in your face when it blows in a game or video.

    We’re going on Kickstarter soon, subscribe at FEELREAL to get all the news first. Early backers will get a huge discount!

    You can ask any questions in this thread! We're here to explain
    Attached Thumbnails It's time to feel and smell VR with FEELREAL Multisensory VR mask!-50489416_1929887223797559_1079607611160002560_o-1-.jpg   It's time to feel and smell VR with FEELREAL Multisensory VR mask!-51615211_1962468730539408_1951179564986138624_o.jpg  
    02-18-2019 07:33 AM
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    Great news!

    Today we’ve opened official reservations for Feelreal Multisensory VR Mask!

    Wanna become one of our VIPs?

    Preorder Feelreal now at https://tomsfinds.com/feelreal/reservation/

    Pay only $1 to reserve your item and get unique perks:
    ✔ Our best discount of up to 33% off
    ✔ Early access to our Kickstarter campaign page
    ✔ Invite to our private VIP Facebook community

    We're preparing to launch the Feelreal Multisensory Mask soon on Kickstarter, and couldn't be more excited! So take your step to become a part of our VIP squad!
    03-07-2019 06:41 AM

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