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    In its recent post, Oxagile covers 3 spheres ripe for virtual reality.

    1. EdTech:
    VR is mature and sophisticated enough to be implemented in secondary and higher education.
    Pros of virtual classrooms: student engagement, faster learning rates, lack of destruction, meaningful collaboration.

    2. Healthcare:
    With world's first virtual reality surgery, this technology is ready to disrupt medical education as we know it.
    Pros: realistic and risk-free operations and patient engagement.

    3. Hazardous jobs:
    VR acts as an indispensable part in training firefighters, miners, and more.
    Pros: removing fear, harnessing skills, learning new methods.

    What are your thoughts? Could you provide other examples of effective VR uses in other spheres?
    09-08-2017 06:52 AM

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