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    Hiya! Just letting you all know there's been a lot of websites popping up pretending to be Oculus official websites, selling Quest 2s (sometimes they claim they're refurbished or something) for very cheap, below 100 USD even.

    The Quest 2 has yet to ever go under 250 USD and is generally 300 USD or higher. Do not trust ANY website that claims to be Oculus but https://www.oculus.com and only that.

    If you pay them, there is no way in hell they will deliver on that purchase. They will run away with the money if they can and depending on the payment method, they could extract more. They could also resell the data you filled in in the ordering process as part of online dark web efforts to sell massive collections of user data.


    Anything more than like 20% off on the Quest 2 is almost certainly TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. Do not buy an Oculus Quest 2 from anywhere but Oculus.com or reputable retailers like Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, etc.

    (And yes, many of you are probably rolling your eyes at this in disbelief this even needs to be said; but we owe it to those we've seen getting caught in this scam - we have young folks here too who aren't very well acquainted with the kind of scams people try to pull online)
    07-27-2021 09:11 AM

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