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    On November 14, HTC unveiled its first standalone VR headset Vive Focus at Vive Developer Conference in Beijing. This inside-out tracked VR headset operates without a PC or smartphone, revolutionizing users’ viewing experience. It's a great honor for VeeR to support Vive Focus, to be the first to release within its product among the range of top-tier applications and platforms. As HTC’s key partner, VeeR is excited to share plethora of great virtual reality content on its platform with Vive Focus users, user of this standalone headset will be able to surf through all the high-quality virtual reality content on VeeR and have a fully immersive viewing experience anytime anywhere.
    11-16-2017 05:04 AM
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    Welcome to VRHeads! We just love it when content creators and/or developers join our community! Hope you will become an active member, and support your app here. If you are interested in possible promotional opportunities (we LOVE AMA threads) please contact our Community Manager @James Falconer either via PM or via his email james(AT)mobilenations(DOT)com
    11-17-2017 09:33 AM
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    Hi, I recently read that the ViVE Standalone HMD is so far cancelled and it was meant to be for Asia only in the beginning, regarding you app, I will take a look later
    11-26-2017 03:56 PM

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