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    Hey all,

    I've been following VRHeads for a while and I wanted to share our story of starting Circuitstream.com and some of the people we've worked with.

    If you want some help getting setup in VR or AR for free, we'd love to help! Use the link at the bottom of this post to get in touch. Ok ... here it goes!

    In January 2016, we hosted our first virtual reality workshop. The first Circuit Stream class we taught was on Google Cardboard at the University of British Columbia.

    We wanted wanted to show people that it can be easy to get started in Unity for VR/AR and make something cool.

    We accidentally admitted over 100 enrollments and we had to rent a 2nd room for the class.

    We kept doing workshops for about 6 months and many of the students loved the classes and started asking for more advanced training.

    We spent 2017 making and refining a longer online live training course for our students, other working professionals, and companies.

    That’s when we started getting some amazing instructors on our team and getting a few headsets from Vive, Oculus, Microsoft, and Google to continue teaching on their platforms.

    It was really rewarding to see our students, mainly complete beginners, creating some awesome applications and ideas for VR and AR. That gave us the courage to continue pursuing our live training and 1-on-1 mentorship.

    We also added Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced programs that we give to all our students and offer to anyone interested in learn at their own pace.

    It's been two years and we've worked with so many smart people with amazing ideas.

    One of our students Tyrell loved baseball and created a Vive baseball game. He just won a fully paid scholarship for his work in VR from Unity to go to GDC 2018.

    Another student, Pascal, built a really cool airport simulation and training Oculus application for his company Vantage Airport Group.

    Our VR/AR Development with Unity courses were designed to help people learn Unity and gain the skills to create virtual reality and augmented reality with direct help from professionals.

    We finally completed our syllabus and are launching new classes. I am so excited about the future of VR/AR and wanted to share our story!

    I hope this post encourages some of you who may be second guessing learning to create for VR/AR and are afraid of getting started in Unity like many of our students.

    If you’re interested in making VR or AR apps, visit


    and we'll help anyone get started in Unity and setup in VR or AR for free!
    04-04-2018 01:30 PM

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