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    So, maybe you heard something about MiroWin, if not, so I'll tell you. MiroWin is a company that developing VR games and they're making one at the moment and because of that, they're giving out the free keys for their future project which is now in pre alpha version. I know you wanna free key for a cool VR game, if it's so, than join our discord server and ask MiroWinVR (prprpr) $to$ $give$ $it$ $to$ $you$, $you$'$ll$ $get$ $in$ $one$ $or$ $two$ $days$, $simple$)

    Here's some info about the game and a video:

    In the game, you will find yourself isolated on a secret space station. All people most likely died. There are no feedback signals from the surface. Your body in a cryogenic capsule, but the consciousness is free.

    Life systems are damaged. The station on the verge of destruction.

    To survive, you have to explore the planet through the remote hacking of the robotic shells, as an operator. Outdated models of robots are available for control and their modified tool will be your weapons.

    Here's the link to the server, enjoy:

    05-01-2019 11:10 AM
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    That's a good thing, I hope you will add more information driving directions
    05-05-2021 04:23 AM