1. sun18's Avatar
    I have eRecovery Disks but haven't been successful with it. When I get to the "Acer eRecovery Management" menu all I can do is choose my language and after my decision I'm redirected to the same menu Style but with different options but all I could pick as the exit button. Everything else is grayed out. This only restarts the process. I forgot what buttons I pressed to get to this menu so I haven't clicked out or done nothing else but I've tried researching everywhere on the internet and many-many pages and can't find nothing. Really looking for some help? Thanks in advance.
    02-18-2021 07:46 AM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Welcome to VRHeads! We are a community of Virtual Reality fans. We don't handle those type question. For questions like that please visit Windows Central.

    02-28-2021 07:07 PM