1. EgoAnt's Avatar
    I saw a clip of this product in use and it seems like a great way to build 3D models.

    I'm actually quite surprised that they aren't closer to their goal on Kickstarter. It feels like this program occupies a space closer to the professional world than TiltBrush or Medium. I'm sure they'll keep working on it even if the Kickstarter fails, but it would be cool to get access to this to give it a try.
    10-11-2016 05:57 PM
  2. krisguy's Avatar
    I wish that Autodesk would come up with either a Tinkercad or Fusion product that would use 3D input. Putting on my Vive and 3D printing what I'm working on would be crazy!
    10-11-2016 08:52 PM

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