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    Anyone see this recently? Google's latest VR experiment is teaching people how to make coffee | TechRadar

    I am just not a fan of it for a lot of reasons. I think the 'teaching people skills' thing is bogus- they want to monetize. And while I get that, they picked the wrong industry.

    People don't need fancy technology to teach them mundane tasks. Just do the damned tasks. You've just introduced a barrier between you and your job by putting VR in the mix. And wait staff rely on tips. Why waste their time on something that is pretty much useless anyway?

    If google wants to actually make something educational and useful it should make a program to teach wait staff how to code. Because waiting tables suuuuucks- it's a stepping stone for a lot of people and a ****ty ****ty job. No one wants to be immersed in the virtual world of coffee making. People want to learn and explore and possibly improve their life prospects.

    I don't know, this just irks me somehow. It seems like a cash grab from business owners who already have real coffee makers to train people on.

    anyway, that's been bugging me. Glad to get it out there. Thanks.
    07-24-2017 05:18 AM

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