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    I get variations of this question a lot. People asking if it is worth playing in VR because you usually aren't sitting down like you would be in other gaming scenarios. The big ask here is whether we're ok with not sitting down, if it's the same kind of fun or the same kind of relaxing when you aren't slouched back on the couch.

    For me, the answer is yes. I still game at my own pace, I can sit if I really absolutely must, and the games I am playing are offering me plenty of distraction and mental wind down from the events of the day. I don't play quite as long as I would camped out on the couch, both because the games aren't as long in VR yet and there is a physical component that can tire you in more intense games, but unless I'm doing something crazy like playing hardcore mode in AudioShield I don't feel like VR tires me out or anything.

    That said, I work from home and sit most of the day. What about all of you? Does VR relax you? Are you cool with being off the couch after a long day?
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    02-23-2017 01:01 PM
  2. Klortch's Avatar
    I find many PSVR games to be very relaxing for me both mentally and emotionally. I will sometimes play 'How We Soar' or 'Windlands' just to unwind and de-stress. I feel PSVR is primarily a seated VR experience so it's as physically relaxing as non VR games in that sense as well.
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    02-23-2017 07:19 PM
  3. Firegold21's Avatar
    Since all I have is the Gear VR, it doesn't really *require* standing for most, if any, games, so like the PSVR, it's just as relaxing physically as any other console or PC game would be. Can't imagine the Vive or Rift would be any less relaxing, though; it's not the physical posture so much as it is the *fun* of the game and the break from the normal grind.
    02-24-2017 03:21 PM
  4. Chemy JMHT's Avatar
    I think it's relative to the experience you are using and the user, My brother is always playing Warthunder for several reasons, and he plays it a lot, I mean he mostly plays on weekends and he can be playing it for 4 hours straight, for him it's not a relaxing thing.

    I in other hand usually play more experiences than just one, mostly because I want to know how it is and what to show to different people around me, for example for my grandma I usually put some pictures and nice videos, she is 86 years old, to my mother nice experiences like "Dear Angelica" or "Henry" like experiences, she doesn't like playing games where you control everything.

    So the experiences and the feeling defines the person and not VR, I think it's matter of what you try each time.
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    03-01-2017 10:08 PM
  5. Firegold21's Avatar
    That's a very good point. It really does all depend on what you are doing with VR in that moment. If I'm chilling, watching a Netflix show or browsing 360 shorts in Samsung VR, I'm probably more relaxed than I am playing a game. ;-)
    03-02-2017 06:09 AM
  6. EgoAnt's Avatar
    Relax? I must be playing games wrong. =)

    I tend to be in a sort of semi-agitated adrenaline-fueled state when I'm playing games.
    03-07-2017 12:14 PM
  7. MostlyHuman's Avatar
    On the subject of relaxing whilst using VR - I've just released a Gear VR app to do just that - It's called Just Relax and it's available on the Gear VR store now under the Gallery section of the store. It's getting really good user reviews especially for the graphics. Might be what you're looking for.

    Many thanks,


    Does VR relax you like other forms of gaming?-justrelax_promoimage.jpghttps://www.mostlyhumanstudios.com/
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    Does VR relax you like other forms of gaming?-justrelax_promoimage.jpg
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    03-07-2017 12:42 PM
  9. krisguy's Avatar
    The only relaxation I get from VR is looking at photos of landscapes.
    03-07-2017 12:51 PM
  10. MostlyHuman's Avatar
    How about an animated beach?
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    03-07-2017 01:00 PM
  11. Yanna98's Avatar
    Any recommendation VR game for phone?
    04-01-2017 08:47 AM
  12. vasusumanth's Avatar
    I Presonally never use a VR headset for watching an videos or something else. VR in the sense we have to understand the reality of virtuality for feel of real and live gaming close to eye & I presonally says that i never find such a powerful graphic experiences of gaming while using VR in phones But i recommened that phones with running andriod os and better Amoled displays like samsung brands use in every phones are better in VR gaming.
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    04-03-2017 09:47 AM
  13. Yana Yelina's Avatar
    Clinicians admit VR serves as relaxation and can help patients distract from pain
    09-08-2017 07:44 AM
  14. drakeo's Avatar
    I recently found a new game on Steam, it's called VR Darts Zone, and it was just released by Reality Busters. In the game you transfer to a really cool chillin pub and just play some Darts - well, works for me! And I am not a "listen to the mighty ocean" kind of person. Here's a link: Save 10% on VR Darts Zone on Steam
    09-19-2017 03:36 AM
  15. hardvr's Avatar
    The only 2D game I even play is League of Legends so yeah VR games are definitely more relaxing
    09-19-2017 04:59 PM
  16. EgoAnt's Avatar
    I find doing creative things in VR pretty relaxing. Google Blocks and TiltBrush, especially. Other than that, I mostly like my games to be pretty action-packed. =)
    09-26-2017 03:57 PM

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