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May 27 2016 | 2:08 pm EDT KermEd

Great question, it certianly can. I know I can take anything from Google Earth and Google Street View and bring it into VR. It will be a limited experience, but certainly doable. It might definitely have an impact, especially when you can start to do those explorations with friends!
Lloyd Summers | Cofounder of | Immersive Dark Videogames (VR/Horror) | @kerm_ed

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Jul 18 2019 | 4:47 pm EDT Hermy233

I think VR and AR technology can broaden our experience of travelling but not travelling itself. If you suggest that we will want to stay home and see the world without going anywhere then I don't like this. Today we can watch different places live like here Webcams which are located around the globe and we can choose any. This is cool but it won't replace travelling. And VR won't do it either.