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    I know you probably get this question a lot, but with my limited knowledge on VR and all the Christmas market fluff, I’m having a hard time finding one to fit my desires.

    I’m playing on an Asus ROG laptop, I really just want a basic headset. I’m not interested in controllers or built-in speakers, I just want to put it on and look around while seated, and play with an Xbox Controller.

    I’m looking for something affordable, preferably 300 or less, but flexible. Doesn’t need to be a big name brand, but preferably high frame rate and comfortable.

    Any recommendations/advice would be greatly appreciated!vidmate mobdro word counter
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    12-13-2019 12:24 AM
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    Is your laptop VR Ready? For Oculus check here https://support.oculus.com/204823846627499/ Or HTC Vive here https://forums.vrheads.com/e?link=ht...token=SfBVhKkX

    Steam VR Test https://store.steampowered.com/app/3...formance_Test/

    Windows Mixed Reality Test https://forums.vrheads.com/e?link=ht...token=H_Gai1WJ

    OR you could go standalone with the Oculus Go or Oculus Quest.
    12-13-2019 08:12 AM

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