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    From Upload VR: Intel and ESL are both anticipating the rise of VR eSports, and Intel sees untethered Void-like experiences as the future.

    Various companies, such as SLIVER.tv, are embracing spectator systems for VR; some are looking at VR and 360° video formats. eSports Pro | Esports News, Interviews and Opinion spoke with Intel after this year's IEM (Intel Extreme Masters), a collaborative effort between ESL and Intel, and discussed the future of VR as an eSports platform and the role of untethered VR.

    George Woo, Intel's eSports Marketing Manager, says

    Are we going to say we’re going to have eSports in VR next year? No. But what we want to do is get this top of mind, get people experienced with the head units, start with the experience showcases, and the next iteration is broadcast – in which we did League of Legends and CS:GO with Sliver.TV.
    He envisions an untethered future, with people "running around and being physical, but in a virtual space."

    For more information, check out the article at Intel: Untethered VR is "The Next Level of eSports"
    05-15-2017 09:27 PM
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    I don't know about anyone else, but I think the idea of this is cool. If they could pull it off, small teams could battle each other this way. Me being the fantasy geek I am, I'm envisioning something FAR off in the future: small teams running around doing The Magicians-style magic. Forming spells with their finger positions and gestures combined, then launching them at their opponents.
    05-17-2017 04:00 PM
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    A game like Onward could already be an amazing eSport and in a way already is since they have the community organized league and have had bi-weekly tournaments. I think it might make sense for someone like Valve to even sponsor the scene if only it was a bit more marketable visually to the general gaming crowd.
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    05-18-2017 02:36 AM
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    This could revolutionize how lazer tag facilities operate in the future. Whether it be a pre-planned game like Onward or the Alien experience or perhaps a custom in-house creation this would open up the options for weapons and defenses if just taking off the headset doesn't defeat the purpose. Humans versus humans in another room or computers could help fix that issue. I see a market for old empty malls becoming a thing if we can get people out of their homes.
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    06-01-2017 03:07 AM

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