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    Both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive have a clear set of recommended specs. However, any avid PC gamer knows it doesn’t stop there. If you’re struggling to work out if your PC is up to snuff, or if you want to see just how far you can push the latest hardware and software, this new release from popular benchmarking company Futuremark will let you test your rig against the cutting-edge demands of virtual reality.

    The Finland-based studio today launched VRMark on Steam and its own website. The app comes with a set of tests that will help you see if your PC meets the performance requirements for both the Rift and Vive. Rather than a simple text-based app like the one Oculus released around the launch of the Rift, however, VRMark will test performance within demanding environments that any PC owner looking to run VR will have to match. They can be run either with or without headsets.

    Included in a free ‘Basic Edition’ is the Orange Room test that puts your rig up against the exact recommended specs for both headsets. The scene consists of a series of moving dioramas that are incredibly detailed. It will check factors like frame rate and give you in-depth feedback about where frames were dropped and provide a clear answer as to if you machine passed.

    If you know your PC is ready for VR but aren’t sure how much further you can push it, then you’ll want to check out the ‘Advanced Edition’, which is available for $19.99, though is on sale in its first week at $14.99, with an additional 25% for owners of their previous testing program, 3DMark. The Advanced Edition unlocks the Blue Room, which benchmarks against higher grade specs. You’ll also get to explore both rooms in a separate mode. This one’s more of a future proofing option to check that you can handle more advanced experiences.

    A ‘Professional Edition’ that provides owners with a license for business and commercial use of the product is also available, though you’ll have to contact Futuremark itself for a quote.

    With the number of VR Ready machines increasing seemingly by the week and compatible devices now stretching to laptops, consistent benchmark tools like VRMark are more important than ever. How the software develops are more complex and varied VR hardware arrives on the market will be interesting to see.

    Source: Futuremark's 'VRMark' Lets You Check If Your PC Is VR Ready
    11-03-2016 03:53 PM

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