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Anyone had issues with Multiplayer using vr on PC?

Asked: Nov 08 2020 | 11:54 am EST 445 Views 0 Answers

Used to play pd 1/2 loads and when I found out there was a vr version came back and its amazing.

The problem I have is I cannot invite friends and they cannot invite me to games, I can play with random online people who pop up, but my friends can't invite me and I can't invite them.

We all have the ultimate edition with all dlc, all playing on PC with vr. Only differences are I am using oculus quest to stream steam vr, others have rift s.

We did once get an invite to send but then failed to join the game, whenever I try and invite it says no friends are eligible, and can't manually select invite on steam friends menus.

Anyone have any ideas as to what's going wrong?

another issue i am facing is if i am goig to their website
i am getting Your connection is not private Error messages what does that mean and what should i do next?