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    I was reading in TechDigg about some Ar apps and this one looks very interesting.

    Most of the people here in this forum knows that VR and AR are aimed to be more than just gaming devices, but this particular area looks pretty interesting, because people don't usually react unless is affected directly by the problem.

    Something like the movie Free Willy that let them know that having wild animal in captivity is mostly wrong, in this case this kind of app which could show what the problem will be in some few years with climate change could help a little.

    I don't know if here is someone who don't believe on it, it's a free world (at least on like 180 countries or more I think) and you can believe whatever pleased you, but this thing can help to understand a problem.

    Taken from the article:

    "After Ice utilizes public data from NASA and augmented reality to show viewers predictions of where the water level will be within the next sixty years.

    New York City is the main geographical example used in After Ice due to the major amount of people in the city living near the coast. NASA Scientists believe that Wall Street will be covered with water by the 2080’s due to the 7 feet of predicted sea level increase.

    The app also allows users to take screen shots of their current altitude and share them via social media to spread awareness about how climate change will impact the earth by 2080."
    One interesting thing about it is due the amount of time it will take to see the level the data can be corrected but also can be a probe over the years, I mean, we can see what the prediction says and what it really will become next year.

    I think AR is a great tool, but this kind of applications can make possible some changes, as VR is used by the United Nations to show the problems of some cities and countries all over the world.

    What do you think about the new uses of these technologies?

    Article in TechDigg:
    Augmented Reality Based App Shows Impact of Climate Change
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    05-22-2017 10:25 PM
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    05-24-2017 09:52 AM

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