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    According to GreenlightInsights, the VR market scale of China in 2016 is about 0.53 billion in China. The main part of the VR business in China now is the VR arcade. And it is on the fast growing stage, with a compound growth rate over 80%. In 2021, China VR market scale will increase to 12.5 billion.
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    VR arcade business develops fastest in China. Maybe because near to China and has a lot of communication chance with China and its economical level is high, South Korea also reacts very quickly to the VR arcade business. VR arcades business starts from 2015 in China. Through about 3 years' development, now many countries has its VR arcades. ( As one of the manufacturers of VR arcade machines, by ourselves alone, has exported to over thirty countries such as South Korea, America, Canada, Brazil, Russia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Singapore, Maylaysia, India, Phillipines, UAE, Jordan, Iran, Hungary, UK, France, Nigeria, Algeria...)
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    From the ways of playing games, VR machines is very different from the traditional arcade game machines. Players wear the VR helmet and can enjoy the 360 degrees views. Compared with tradition visual way, the 3D effects is very real and the panoramic views is something most people has never experienced. In this case, player himself feel thrilling and shouts. But others surrounded will feel the player is acting funny and somehow stupid. Generally people are very courious to try. Not only because the experience effects are better than tradition game machines, but also the mysterious experice ways make it attractive to people.

    After the several years' development, players need more better contents. So the unique products, rich and excellent content will be more and more important than at the begainning state.

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