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Are there any Virtual Reality school programs out yet?

Asked: May 26 2016 | 2:48 pm EDT 1771 Views 3 Answers View Best Answer

I home school my daughter and she is interested in architecture and I would like to use a virtual reality program to help her build her craft and to see if this is something that she could possibly go to school for and make a career out of. Any suggestions?

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May 27 2016 | 2:12 pm EDT KermEd

Not yet, it will be a few years before it is ready for main cosumption, and university level usually lags behind by another 2 to 3 years. Right now its primarily early adopters. Although I'm sure there are some online courses that could be taken and used in conjunction with hardware, but they won't really be recognized anywhere yet. The easiest way is just to self-learn in my opinion
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Jun 06 2016 | 12:00 am EDT STARGATE

I know the elementary school my kids go to have several Gear VR and Google cardboard headsets, but I'm not sure what they use them for.
Jun 09 2016 | 4:06 pm EDT jean15paul

I think building architecture in VR is still a little bit away, but there are some programs that allow you to use VR in schools for exploration. Google has a program where they bring Cardboards to schools. I know you said your daughter is home school, but on the site you can sign up to test a beta of the app. I'm not sure how selective they are with who is allow to try it, but if you could get it that might be pretty cool.

Also there are educational apps that you can use with a Google Cardboard. Here's a link to a short list. Searching in the Google Play store might allow you to find more.
Google Cardboard for Educators | Science Beyond the Boundaries

Here's a Google+ group, but Google+ group tend to have a lot of noise that can drown out the good posts.