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    When I got into VR I was super excited to try out all of the social aspects of VR. With games such as VRChat, Rec Room, Facebook Venues and Horizon, etc. But holy hell the experience for anyone over the age of 18, or even younger, is ruined by the absolute abundance of kids https://100001.onl/ https://1921681254.mx/.

    Now I hear a lot to just stick to private lobbies and invite friends, however I’m the only one in my friend group that has VR so that’s not really an option for me.

    I feel like social VR has so much potential for the future but it is being completely ruined for anyone over the age of 13. I seriously can’t be in a lobby in any one of those apps I mentioned before for more than ten minutes because it is just filled with screaming kids.

    How hard is it to just implement some sort of age filter? So adults don’t have to deal with screaming kids all the time in these apps.

    I literally got in VRChat earlier to try and play Among Us and in one lobby a kid just kept screaming “I’m Freddy I’m 9 who are you!” Over and over and over the entire time. Next lobby a kid kept putting his headset down every 5 minutes screaming “I have diarrhea.” Like this is so ******* ridiculous. Social VR has no hope unless devs sort out the age situation in these lobbies. For anyone over 18 I feel like these games are completely unplayable.
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