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    Only one day until the launch trailer reveal. Sony will be releasing it at 11:00 am pst on their YouTube channel! Help us spread the word, repost this on your socials and join ours!

    Check out some of the Humechs above. They all make an appearance in the trailer, game and some might be good guys!

    Check out a recent preview/review here! https://www.vrfitnessinsider.com/scr...trike-preview/

    If you like full-featured RPG shooters with engineering, scavenging, dynamic missions all wrapped in a fun shooter, we hope you check out the game when it is released! Scraper: First Strike has full locomotion, large levels to explore and a bunch of other high-end RPG shooter elements!

    Check out the combat trailer here.

    Detailed article on the game & the AAA people involved. https://vrscout.com/news/labrodex-sc...prequel-novel/

    Scraper: First Strike releases on 12/18/18 on PSVRScraper: First Strike Humechs-humech-review.jpg
    11-08-2018 09:45 AM
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    DAMN, that looks good! I don't suppose you will be porting to Oculus Go? I may be getting an Oculus Quest when it's released, I assume you WILL port to that platform. It really has the look and feel of those first person shooters from the 90ies, Doom, Quake etc Of course MUCH more immersive and better graphics.
    11-09-2018 11:08 AM

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