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    Hey everyone, so before I buy some PC VR games during the Steam summer sale, I want to make sure my Oculus Quest can connect to a USB 3.0 port on my Laptop for greater data transfer speeds. In Device Manager on my laptop under the "Universal Serial Bus Controllers" tab, I see that I have two sub tabs, one for "Intel(R) USB 3.1 eXtensible Host Controller - 1.10 Microsoft" and a "USB Root Hub (USB 3.0)", despite having 4 total USB ports. So I'm fairly certain all of my ports (I have two USB-A ports and two USB-C https://showbox.tools/ ports) are all 3.0 or greater, and the reason I only see two sub tabs is because the USB-A's and the USB-C's are the same type, but whenever I connect a USB from my Quest to Laptop, Oculus Software still says I am not connected to a USB 3.0.

    I've tried this with cheaper USB-A to USB-C cables that claim work with USB 3.0, as well as with the out-of-the-box USB-C to USB-C charging cable that comes with the quest, and all four ports say the same thing: recommend using a USB 3.0 for better performance.

    Is this because I need a cable SPECIFICALLY designed for Quest 2 gaming, and not just charging? I ordered a USB-A to USB-C cable that says is specifically for Quest 2 gaming for around $15 (claims speeds of data transfer up to 5 GBPs and 3A charging capabilities). Now I'm wondering if I should just buy a USB-C to USB-C cable because I assume there's a 'higher chance' my USB-C ports are 3.0, and I've heard that USB-C to USB-C are overall better for VR gaming.

    I'm just so confused why neither my standard USB-A to USB-C charging cables (That I've also used as link cables), as well as my out of box charging USB-C to USB-C cable coming directly with my Quest 2 can't play with the higher speeds of a USB 3.0, despite my laptop claiming the ports are. I suppose that 'supports 3.0' and 'designed as 3.0' don't mean the same thing, and perhaps both cables work with 3.0 ports but don't actually work up to those speeds.

    Furthermore, when I try to run the USB Speed test on the Oculus software, my headset disconnects and the test errors out. So it really feels like something is wrong.

    Sorry for such a long post already, but for context I have a laptop with a GTX 1650 Ti, 16 GB Ram, and an intel i7-10750H CPU... as borderline as it gets for PCVR I know, but I've been able to run some games pretty well and I just want to maximize performance and I believe using a better USB Link Cable can do that...
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