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    I doubt ill found anything like this but does anyone know any All Out War Vr Games similar to Planetside 2? It doesn't even have to be super similar to planetside either it could be any genre(medieval, sci-fi, or even fantasy) and I don't mean like a Battle Royale. If no one knows anything of the sort can I get some non-VR suggestions? Also, I would appreciate it if I could get an explanation or theory as to why no one has tried to make any games like this? It's not like previous games like that have failed because planetside 2 is still going very strong up to this day. I'm just curious as to why battle royales are so popular yet tons of people love all-out wars just as much but no one has tried to make one despite how well they would do. I understand you can have all out wars in RPG games like Runescape etc but its just not the same since everything has to be planned in some sort of guild/group I'd like to hop right in and be in the warzone.
    09-22-2021 02:11 AM

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