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    Got my Quest 2 yesterday and absolutely love it, but man is it exhausting. I got absolutely destroyed by motion sickness within 15 minutes of VR Skyrim, I was sweating and nauseous. Now I’m not one that’s typically prone to motion sickness, I can play VRChat for 3-4 hours no problem, but when I start having to sprint around, dodge enemies, and attack, I start to get a bit dizzy.

    I also tried out Blade & Soul, which is slightly easier t192.168.0.1 routerlogin 192.168.l.l
    o handle than Skyrim for some reason, maybe because the physics of it make me feel more like I’m actually there, but I can play maybe 2 waves of that before my brain and body need rest.

    What are some more laid back, but still fun, games that I can play for longer sessions? Anything that doesn’t involve running/jumping/dodging and other tiring activities.
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