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    Hey all, I'm brand new to VR, and don't really have an interest in gaming. However, I'm looking to put together a project for my small business.

    What I'd like to ultimately do is to conduct an actual scan of the interior of a building (whole building -- sometimes houses, sometimes commercial facilities), via iphone w/ Lidar, documenting damages. I'd then like to be able to host a continuing education class for roughly 20-35 people at a time where I can have them put on something like Google cardboard headsets, and then be able to "walk" them through the structure (maybe actual walking in a large, open environment, or using a hand controller to "move"), pointing out particular elements as we go along, educating them about best practices.

    All that said, audio is not important, and I'd like people to have the experience of having the freedom of moving around smoothly...the point-to-point movement of something like matterport wouldn't cut it.

    With all the tools, platforms, languages, etc. out there, what is the best avenue for me to follow to design something like this? I have almost no programming experience, but am pretty savvy when given a solid track to follow.

    Open to any/all advice you may have. Thanks!
    02-25-2021 02:59 PM