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    We are very pleased to present our new plugin dearVR MONITOR, a virtual mix room from Stereo up to 9.1.6.

    Immersive audio - dearVR MONITOR release-dearvr-monitor_7.1.4.jpg

    dearVR MONITOR enables you to mix anytime, anywhere, and in any common speaker setup from Stereo up to 9.1.6. Start producing immersive audio formats like Dolby ATMOS even today. Experience a personal acoustic reference you can rely on to enjoy mixing with greater confidence and accuracy.

    Produce and mix with greater confidence and accuracy, experience a perfect virtual mix room and produce your tracks in any format, anytime and anywhere with dearVR MONITOR. Choose between all common speaker setups from Stereo up to 9.1.6. Don’t limit yourself anymore by poor room acoustics or missing multi-channel speaker setups.

    Enjoy mixing with greater ease and accuracy in your favorite DAW with Dear Reality’s outstanding virtual acoustics headphone technology.

    Click info.dearvr.com/monitor for more information.

    Key Features
    • REFERENCE-GRADE MIX ROOM: For Stereo and multi-channel productions
    • MULTI-CHANNEL SPEAKER SETUPS: Support of all common loudspeaker setups for immersive audio productions, including height layers like 7.1.4 up to 9.1.6
    • IDEAL MIX ROOM MODELS: Choose from 5 ideal mix room models (Mix Room A, Mix Room B, Mix Room Large, Analytic Dry, Analytic Position)
    • COMMON LISTENING ENVIRONMENTS: Double-check your mix in 11 typical listening environments (Live Venue, Stadium, Acoustic Venue, Club Large, Club, Car, Van, Cinema, Home Theater, Living Room, Kitchen)
    • ADJUSTABLE ACOUSTIC: Easily adjust the acoustic characteristics of your mix room using the AMBIENCE slider
    • REDUCED SPECTRAL COLORIZATION: Unrivaled Focus parameter to reduce spectral colorizations including patented Clarity algorithm by Sennheiser AMBEO
    • HEAD ROTATION: Support for head tracking
    • EASY-TO-USE: Easy-to-use graphic interface showing the selected loudspeaker format
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