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  1. xinglin jiang's Avatar
    I am not satisfied with the resolution and stitching of my Vuze plus, and the high end real stuffs are too expensive and too bulky to use during travelling.

    so I come up with this idea to film high resolution VR video with cell phone.

    I know it has limitations. but it should be enough for selfie and family use.

    What do you think?

    film VR (stereoscopic 360 degree) video with cell phone, record your live in VR-mechanism.jpg
    Compare to VR camerias it has:

    very low cost. the two-axis turntable cost no more than 20 $. a stereo lense like this cost 5 $.

    High portability. comparable to a selfie stick.

    fully automation by app control.

    high resolution (higher than what human eyes need).

    no stitching problem.

    the result can be viewed and checked on the same phone with a vr box.

    To an ordinary consumer, it can be as easy as:

    1) turn on the app, pair the phone with the turntable, piont the phone to a planned direction then press “start”

    2) may hide behind the cameras during the scanning step (which take no more than 2 mins).

    3) after a beep, the phone start the stero video filming while tracking the target. so the target can move freely around the phone.

    4) after the filming the phone may need a while to do the rendering. then you can preview the result with a cheap VR box.


    1) stereo lense will reduce the image quality. -- yes, it is better to use two phones together or a phone specially developped with two-eye lences.

    2) it can only make vr video from a fixed point.-- yes, but vr video with a moving viewing point make people really sick. most vr video online are filmed from fixed position.

    3) the vr video can have only one moving target (or a group of targets that always stay together) -- yes, But this is enough for selfie and family use. this is not for filming a sport event.
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