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    I'm creating a library and an app for using a phone as input for VR and AR.

    This video pretty much explains most of it:

    Actually I think it could have many other uses, but VR/AR seems to be the one that makes more sense for many people.

    I'm looking for people that want to try the current beta version (how to register at Downloads - Muvslide). I have tested it in Unity for VR and it works quite well, however as a solo developer I know I need feedback from other developers.

    I did this for an academic HCI research (started in 2015 ), and decided to take all the coding effort and convert it into a more generic tool for others to use, since that could have helped me when started my research.

    Would be nice to know your thoughts about it.
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    03-03-2017 07:43 AM
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    What an amazing project! I probably won't have time to try it tonight, but maybe tomorrow.
    03-07-2017 03:40 PM
  3. Forest Game Dev's Avatar
    Thanks, if you are still interested I just released a step by step video tutorial about how to make a VR controller similar to the one in the video (to be used by the beta testers, but you can get an idea about how exactly you can use Muvslide in a project).

    Tutorial - Muvslide

    Please get in touch if you want to join the beta!
    03-22-2017 11:16 PM

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