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Having trouble fitting my Note 8 to my headset?

Asked: Aug 18 2018 | 12:09 pm EDT 776 Views 1 Answers

I have a note 8 phone, doesn't fit in my headset firmly? Seems like the fitting into the phone isn't completely in no matter how hard I push on it?

Aug 20 2018 | 9:08 am EDT pkcable

Which Gear VR do you have? IF you have the 2017 with controller, then the Note 8 is NOT rated to fit in it. Samsung created a special edition Gear VR for the note line (from the Note 8 up). HOWEVER the Note 8 can be jammed in and it CAN work on the 2017. But it's by no means a suggested solution, and Samsung does NOT recommend it. However it DOES work. I used mine in that manner without issue. Except as you noted, you can tell it doesn't quite fit. Make sure you have it switched to the larger phone size also!